Greetings on behalf of our Volunteers of America Dementia Care Team!

Volunteers of America has a rich history of service to people that enriches lives and brings them to their highest level of independence. Becoming an authorized Validation organization in 2010 complemented our mission of service in the settings that serve those with dementia. We recognize that physical care is only a partial component of an effective model of care. Providing a wholistic approach to dementia care includes understanding and empathizing with the journey, pain, and fear of those with dementia.

Validation assists family, informal, and professional caregivers in understanding how the older adult with dementia perceives the world. This understanding is not easy, or often intuitive, for care givers. To fully understand, connect, and empathize with an individual with Alzheimer’s requires a special skill set and insight gained through a “Validating attitude.”


Volunteers of America teaches Dementia Care and Validation workshops in communities, churches, professional and healthcare organizations in the U.S. and Canada. The classes empower families and informal care givers with tools to help understand the actions (behaviors) of those with dementia, and approaches for effective communication. Validation education assists professional caregivers in expanding their expertise, response to the actions (behaviors), and evoking empathy as they begin to see inside the world of those with dementia. For professionals with continuing interest and motivation, we offer advanced education and certification classes to become a Validation teacher.

We, in Volunteers of America, encourage you to find out more about Validation by utilizing this website, which has information and background that can help you determine how Validation may be of assistance to you.

Wayne Olson
Senior Vice President of Operations
Volunteers of America

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