VOA Becomes Authorized Validation Organization (AVO)

On February 1, 2010, Volunteers of America National Services signed a contract with the Validation Institute to become the United States’ 4th Authorized Validation Organization.

What is this? Within the past few years, many of you have attended Validation workshops presented by Naomi Feil, the originator of the Validation method for communication with the elderly with dementia. Validation is a tested model of practice for both professionals and personal caregivers who work with confused older adults. The Validation worker tunes into the person’s inner world by helping him or her restore the past, reliving good times and resolving past conflicts. Validation helps disoriented people to reduce stress, and gives them enhanced dignity and increased happiness…Read More

Volunteers Of America Spirit Magazine: VOA Becomes Authorized Validation Organization

Forty years ago, Volunteers of America committed to serving the care needs of increasing numbers of aging persons with the opening of Maplewood Care Center, a skilled nursing facility in St. Paul, Minn.

Today, we continue this commitment by providing housing, home care, adult day care, assisted living, transitional and rehabilitative care, PACE and long-term skilled care and services to thousands of senior persons each year in several states. Long-term care delivery has evolved since the first nursing homes were built, particularly in the specialty of caring for persons with dementia…Read More

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