From this class students will:

  • Create his or her own personalized program for development of needed skills with the guidance from the course teacher.
  • Students will be Certified Validation Teachers upon completion of course requirements.

Requirements to begin this course:

  • show Level 2 certification in order to begin this course
  • Demonstrate teaching knowledge
  • Before beginning a Level 3 course, participants should be comfortable speaking in front of a group of people
  • be able to maintain a validating attitude while teaching
  • be able to use basic teaching skills: i.e. time management, preparation, focusing on the needs of the students
  • use different modalities (overhead/power point, lecture, exercises, role play, interactive discussion, etc.)
  • structure the information given in a clear way that reinforces the learning process.

Requirements for Presenter certification:

  • Complete a Level 3 training course
  • Pass written and practical examinations

Requirements for Teacher certification:

  • Co-teach a Worker course with an experienced, certified Validation teacher and receive a positive evaluation.
  • Receive a positive recommendation for certification in a letter from the experienced Teacher to the Validation Training Institute.

The Validation Teacher is able to:

  • Perform all the skills required of a Validation Worker and Group Validation Practitioner.
  • Remain centered and display an empathetic attitude when difficult Validation group situations arise.
  • Give family members practical suggestions and tips as well as role play techniques to help family members to use Validation with their disoriented relatives.
  • Teach Validation on Level 1 and 2
  • Give presentations, lectures and classes in Validation in cooperation with an Authorized Validation Organization.
  • Offer feedback to others in a validating manner
  • Explain the theories that are fundamental to Validation: Freud, Jung, Rogers, Piaget, Erikson, Penfield and Neurolinguistic Programming.
  • work with Authorized Validation Organizations

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